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The Gathering Place

A refuge filled with joyful gathering, authenticity, and warmth. It is a place to fall into a good book or cultivate connection with family & friends. Stories are told of worldly adventures as the smell of a new dish wafts into the space from the kitchen. You are surrounded with natural elements, colors and textures that create interest but there is a simplicity and calm to the room that breathes restfulness.

Design Style:



Living Room

Meaningful Mission:

Coptic Orphans



The Mood Board

Bedroom (1).png

This mood board brings the family's travel experiences back to life. It combines worldly textures and colors with modern clean lines.

The Room's Mission


Coptic Orphans’ mission is to unlock the God-given potential of the most vulnerable children in Egypt through the power of education. They rely on a network of over 550 Church-based volunteers on the ground as well as through partnerships with local organizations.

Design Renders

Lykke Haven Interior Design is proud to provide 2D or 3D renders for our customers. This provides a representation of the room prior to purchasing the furnishing or before any of the build phase begins.

Image Gallery

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