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Sisters Collective

A room where imagination and creativity can run wild. Unique elements like the custom bookshelves, hidden loft stairs, and arched lofts make this space both fun and functional.

Design Style:

Whimsical, Elegant


Young Girl's Bedroom

Meaningful Mission:

Treetops Collective



The Mood Board

Bedroom (1).png

This mood board brings out a fun and elegant look for a kid's bedroom, while keeping true to the space and use of the room.

The Room's Mission


Treetops Collective started by asking questions. How can the world do a better job of welcoming refugees? How can they answer that question in our own community? How can they be a city where refugee women can sink their roots down and flourish with their families for generations to come? Treetops Collective passionately believe that each of our new neighbors has gifts, skills, and dreams that make our city better. Their mission is to connect these women to people and opportunities so they can flourish for generations to come.

Design Renders

Lykke Haven Interior Design is proud to provide 2D or 3D renders for our customers. This provides a representation of the room prior to purchasing the furnishing or before any of the build phase begins.

Image Gallery

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