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Mission Based Interior Design

You have a presence in this world that matters, and we want to help you find connection to your bigger story. The story built on the meaningful voice of a non-profit doing good works that you are passionate about. We work with you to bring that voice to life in your home interior through design and decor elements to further their mission. 

See how we brought purpose to a room through our featured...

Meaningful Mission Moment


The client of this Lykke Haven has an Egyptian heritage and wanted to bring the non-profit Coptic Orphans to life in her and her family's space. We created this beautiful art piece by combining the Coptic cross with the Coptic Orphans logo on a homemade paper. It was as though, through their travels and history, they brought back a piece of their heritage into their home.  It sits atop a Coptic Bible with precious, cultural language and writing. The room also showcases many leather accents, which was a material used throughout Egyptian history. Whether it is through noticing this hand-crafted art piece, flipping through the unique Bible, or telling the story the importance of leather in the Egyptian heritage, the Coptic Orphan's mission is what gives this space meaning.

"Coptic Orphans is an international Christian development organization headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. The organization’s team of over 80 trained professionals works from there and from offices in Egypt, Australia, and Canada.


Coptic Orphans works to improve the lives of children in Egypt, relying on a network of over 750 Church-based volunteers on the ground as well as through partnerships with local organizations.


Since it was founded in 1988, Coptic Orphans has helped transform the lives of over 75,000 children in Egypt." -

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