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Our Philosophy

Breathing life and purpose into interior design, we focus on creating spaces that are curated with a Meaningful Mission, are Intentional Interiors, and Cultivate Connection. Let us not just create a home for you but a

Lykke Haven



Pronounced Loo-Kah; Happiness; a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy; to behold joy fully and continuously



/hāvən/ noun

A peaceful, safe and comforting place of refuge, away from the worries of the world

{see also Home}

Hi, I'm Becky

Becky Bonnell Profile Picture

My background is in Advanced Product Development using Human Centered Design as both a mechanical engineer and a highly sought after, certified professional project manager (PMP). I have been an interior designer since age 8 when I would cut out little furniture pieces to plan my monthly room re-arrangement, and I may or may not have spent an entire maternity leave pinning up an inspiration board for our playroom on a 4'x8'sheet of foam board!  I am also known for true hospitality whether it is through our annual - AMAZING - Christmas party, or you are just coming over for some tea time conversation. I am blessed with being able to marry together both my left and right brain to breathe life into the spaces we live in.

Becky Enjoying a Glass of Wine

On the more personal side, I have a beautiful family with my husband, Darian, and four lovely little girls age 9 and younger - yes you read that correctly, 4 girls! I love to spend my time creating intentional and enchanting moments with them. I also enjoy finding a little peace through my Bible, walks through the woods, and yoga. Well, maybe that last one is more a thought of doing one day...when things slow down. I am a foodie in all aspects {cooking, farmers markets, eating, drinking wine, local food} and give me anything relating to the beautiful Michigan fall days where I get to curl up and be cozy. And finally, for any fellow Enneagram-ers, I am a true 9 with all my organizational skills coming from my W1.

Why this matters to you...

You will be able to create a home with intentionality, meaning, and a place where people feel like they belong and are connected to a bigger story. You will be able to rest easy during your project knowing you have a professional project manager who utilizes proven processes and strong budget management practices. You will also be knowledgeable in your project status and next steps through strong communication.  You will get to experience design that focuses and centers on you and your needs. Most of all you will have the chance to create your own 

Lykke Haven

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