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Interior Design Services

Through our three levels of service, we strive to fill your Grand Rapids and West Michigan area homes with meaningful connection, and you are a crucial part of that process. That is why we use Human Centered Design - a process that focuses and centers on you and your needs. We foster our relationship with you by keeping you connected into the process. What level of home interior design can we help you with today?

Premier Design

you need the whole experience

Premier Design contains all phases of the process for your home design needs.


  • Discovery Phase

  • Concept Boards

  • Non-Profit Exploration

  • Design Phase

  • Trades Day

  • Selections

  • Procurement of Furniture

  • Build Phase

  • Implementation

  • Experiential Reveal


Breathe new life into your rooms with the whole experience!

you only need certain services

Dynamic Design

Don't need the whole process? Pick and choose the parts you need through our Dynamic Design service.

  • Discovery Phase

  • Consultation

  • Room Design & Implementation Guide  

  • Selections

  • Manage a Build Project

  • Room Revitalization

  • Holiday Decorating

It is up to you to dynamically choose where we can best serve you!

Design Light

you need something on the lighter side

When you want to quickly breathe some new life into your space, we offer Design Light. 

  • One Day - 1 to 6 hours

  • Discovery Phase

  • Room Stylization* 

  • At-Home or Virtual Room Design*

    • Furniture Layout

    • Preliminary Selections 

Let's get started on the light side!

*Duration of design and decor service determines what is covered

Human Centered Design Process

Experience Home Interior Design Differently

We have breathed a new way of thinking into Interior Design. Our process aligns with the product development industry standard: Human Centered Design. A way of designing that focuses on YOU instead of just the room. It is through this process where connection happens and your dreams, thoughts, and way of life are the integral part of your story conveyed in your space.

Human-centered design. Meeting people where they are and really taking their needs and feedback into account. When you let people participate in the design process, you find that they often have ingenious ideas about what would really help them.

Melinda French Gates - Co-chair and Trustee of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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