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Creative Nook

The morning sun floods the space as you enter to start your day. With a coffee in hand, you are overcome by a burst of life and creativity as your eye travels from one burst of color to the next. This room is yours, your haven to be productive, to think creatively, to accomplish your big goals. It is a place for you to find connection, whether it is sitting by the window with your spouse while you have morning coffee time, with your co-workers as you chit-chat before a meeting, or with yourself as you admire the beautiful art that fills you with wonder. This is your place…

Design Style:

Traditional, Transitional, Abstract



Meaningful Mission:

Outward Bound



The Mood Board

Bedroom (1).png

This mood board brings a sense of light and cheer to the office. It combines vibrant colors with unique art and furniture.

The Room's Mission


Outward Bound’s mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

Our mission is predicated on the belief that values are experienced concretely rather than taught abstractly; that when the makeup of a crew crosses racial, economic or religious lines differences are celebrated, appreciated and valued.

Design Renders

Lykke Haven Interior Design is proud to provide 2D or 3D renders for our customers. This provides a representation of the room prior to purchasing the furnishing or before any of the build phase begins.

Image Gallery

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