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Living Room Couch and Coffee Table


Home Interior Design

Serving Grand Rapids and Greater West Michigan

Experience Design Differently

Breathing life and purpose into interior design, we create Intentional Interiors curated with a Meaningful Mission that truly Cultivate Connection. Let us not just create a home for you but a

Lykke Haven

Sisters Collective Main Entry

Intentional Interiors

Curate Intention in Your Space

Being intentional is engrained in Lykke Haven. It is about developing and designing spaces that you find refuge and connection in, that give your life the space it needs to grow & breathe. Our interior designers create spaces that bring people together with an overwhelming sense of

"Yeah, I belong here"

The Importance of Mission

You have a presence in this world that matters, and we want to help you find connection to your bigger story. The story built on the meaningful voice of a non-profit doing good works that you are passionate about. Our interior designers work with you to bring that voice to life in your room through design elements to further their mission. 

Lykke Haven Mission Brand Shot.jpg

Meaningful Mission

Image by John Schnobrich

Cultivate Connection

We Are Designed For Connection

Our interior designers strive to fill your home with meaningful connection, and you are a crucial part of that process. That is why we use Human Centered Design - a process that focuses and centers on you and your needs. We foster our relationship with you by keeping you connected into the process.

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