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Why Be Intentional?

Updated: May 16, 2022


Video Transcript

Thank you so much for joining me again. Today, I hope you're able to view these. After the fact, if you're not able to catch them live, I know it's the middle of the day Let me tell you, it has been one of those days. I was logging on to start this and the blue screen of death pops up. So, I just took a deep breath and everything will be okay and I am here and even on time. So, that was great but it is a beautiful day and I'm just so excited to spend a time with you again today and today, we are going to be looking at why do we start with intention? Yesterday we went through why your space matters and that at Lykke Haven, we have three words that we value and it's intention, mission, and connection. Today, we're going to be diving into why intention. Once again, if you don't know me, I am Becky Bunnell, owner of Lykke Haven Design here in Grand Rapids. It's purpose-driven interior design and I am coming live with you to just dive in deep into interior design and how we do it. So, like I said, today, we're covering why does intention matter. I don't know about you but every year, I tend to sit down and set a word for the year and it helps just guide my year so that I can intentionally create that word in my life. This year, I even got a bracelet to help remind me of it. I have my bracelet here with my word empowered and that is what is guiding me throughout this year. Just to feel empowered to go out, at the beginning of this year, I was an engineer and now, I'm an interior designer. So, just really feeling into that empowerment of who I was created to be. And when I got to thinking about that, you know, what about actually setting an intention for our homes? We set this intention for the year for us but why not start there with your home also. So, this is where we start at Lykke Haven. We start with your family. What are your intentions? What is your family mission statement? Who are you? So, we can get to know you and what you value because we need to make sure that your home also reflects that and those words. You don't have to have this really great, beautiful mission statement. I know our family doesn't. We have a couple words that we throw out that we really hone in on throughout the year and want our family to reflect those. It can be as simple as just a few words of what describes your family and who you are specifically and uniquely and beautifully and from this mission statement and/or intentional words it helps us to start form, okay, where in our house is the most gap between what we really value and where our home supports us? I will go into more detail of how that looks for our family but it helps us narrow down what space to start with first because right, a house is so big and there are so many rooms that sometimes we get overwhelmed with where to start but if you just start with your family intentions, then, it helps guide you where to start in your home. What space do you need to support you the most? And then, when you start diving into that space, you're setting an intention for that space because like I said, each space is unique and how it supports you and how it supports your family, but it is still one family. So, we start with your intentions for your family and we dive into what unique intentions are specifically for this room. This is why we start with intention at Lykke Haven and when you set that intention for a room, you're able to connect or create connection and belonging and the sense of breath in your space and it just feels so great. So, I'm going to dive into each of those today as well in hopes that you can understand the true why behind intention. Intentionality creates connection. When we are able to link our spaces to feelings or memories or evoking specific words into our space, we're able to feel that connection to those words with the physical space. So, when we breathe these words into the space, and choose fabrics or choose textiles or choose specific furniture, specific decor into our space. We're able to evoke those memories, those feelings, those emotions that we want to have and that connects you to the space. It also, creates that mind-body connection. As we're choosing those words really carefully at the beginning, we're creating that connection with our mind where the words came from and then our body, the physical space that it's in. And that's another way that intentionality brings connection. Then finally, the other way that we that intentionally brings connection is that when we connect to an intent, right? We can live it out. And so it's kind of like our guiding star. If our space feels like the intent and we're reminded of the intentions of our family, and then for the space, we're able to live those out. Instead of just going around chaos and not being guided. We're able to be guided by our homes. They're supporting us in a new way that maybe we haven't thought of before. So, those are just a few ways that intention actually brings connection to your space. Then, intention also brings belonging. Have you ever walked into a space that you just really, it was beautiful but you didn't feel like you belong there? I I know when I traveled to Chicago a few months back and we went to Restoration Hardware and the rooms were gorgeous. I admit they were breathtaking. But nothing felt like I belonged there. Like they weren't me. Right? They weren't my family. Because they weren't created with an intentional purpose behind them for a specific family. Right? There's a lot of design firms too out there that yeah they will help you with interior design and they are great. But they're not intentionally going after your purpose. Your intentions for your family or for your space. They're creating a beautiful space for you. Yes. But do you feel like you belong there because you intentionally chose the feelings, the memories that you wanted to evoke in the space and connect to your family mission. I know that when I do connect those, I I truly feel like I belong in this space. And then when you're intentional about what you’re bringing into your space, everybody can add value in your family. So, when we started, we're even asking our kids like, what do you want to see in the space? What feelings do you want to have? What spaces do you want to have in this room even? Because when you involve your kids or when you involve everyone in your family, they all have a little piece of belonging. So, for instance, I was doing a living room, one of their daughters was super involved and we're making sure that things fit and then the other one was a little bit more shy which is which is perfectly great and fine and I saw in the other room she had all these Legos in her bedroom. She had so many different Harry Potter Legos and her room was Harry Potter and I was like, okay. You can kind of get a sense of what she loves and so what we did is we honestly just brought down her favorite Lego and the one that she was in the middle of building and we put it on the coffee table. We said, this is the decor for the living room. This is who your family is. You love to build Legos together. So, when we brought that in there, her face just lit up and she felt like she belonged in that space and it was, I don't even know how to explain it. It was just so great to feel. When you're in a space that you feel like you belong, it just feels good. It feels like life and that you have a place. Being intentional, also brings breath. When are intentional about how you want your room to feel, you have that north star, that guidance from a word, This concept of breath was a little more difficult to explain what is in my head, but I know when I intentionally curate a room in my home, that I feel the sense of breath. That this is the perfect space for me and for my family. That we very intentionally chose the different fabrics, the different paint, intentionally chose, you know, what went in the space and how we use the space and what words we wanted it to feel like. We are very intentional about that from the very beginning and so I can breathe easy knowing that this is ours. This is perfect for us. And when we walk into a space in our home that maybe we haven't gotten to yet, because there are those…we have a family of four. We're busy. And when I walk into a room we haven’t gotten to yet, you're like, oh yeah, this doesn't feel like anything like ours. For me, it's honestly a little bit of this bedroom behind me. We haven't had time to really be intentional with our bedroom. We start with our girls' rooms as they're growing. We know our time is limited. So, we start there. A lot of my stuff you'll see is very kid driven because that's just the life we're in and that is something we value. We love being with our kids. So, we start there. I know when I walk into even this bedroom here sometimes, my thoughts just start going. Oh, I could do this over here or I can, I can do that over there or what about this or what about that and my mind starts swirling and there's kind of this little chaos and I'm not able to take a breath and just enjoy my space for what it is meant to be which is a place of rest. It’s hard to be restful. Sometimes, it's hard to catch that breath because I haven't been intentional with this space. I haven't really gone in and said, okay, these are the words I want to have and this is how I will, you know, perfect for me, intentionally create, curate the space and when that doesn't happen, like I said, my brain starts swirling and I'm not able to catch that breath. So, when we are intentional in setting who our family is and then, diving into the space and setting even a very unique intention for each specific space in our home. We're able to create, like I said, that connection that belong and then finally that breath that we all truly yearn to have in our homes just that it gives life, that it supports, that it is purposeful in how it serves us. I just want to challenge you in that. Like I said, on our last episode of this training, we're going to start getting into action steps because I can talk all day about this stuff on my notes here, but it's not necessarily drive you to action. So, your actions step in this training or this video is to sit down with your family and to say, who are we? Maybe you already have a statement. Take a look at it again. If it doesn't still hold true because seasons, you know, we each go through different seasons and sometimes we need something different in a season. So, does it still hold true for you? And if you don't want to do the family mission statements no worries, make words. Like I said, we like don't, but we do have words. Just sit down and start writing words down. Writing every word that anybody in your family maybe say. Just start writing down words of when you ask your family, who are we? And what do we value? What do we hold true? What do we love to do? Just writing those words down and start to be intentional with your family. Is this the way we want to be? Or do we want to maybe change some words and speak that truth into our lives so that we do live them out. You say you want to get in nature more. You love to hike, but we never have the time to. And so, it's not on your intentions from the very beginning but you're like, I really want to do that. I know I'm using this because it's one of my examples. I would love to be a nature more and I feel like we let things get in the way. If we say, no, we are a family that loves to be in nature, that loves to go on family hikes, then we speak that truth into our lives, and we start to live it. We start to control. If this is true, if this is truly what we want for our family, how are we going to do it? And it's the same for our room. And we'll get into more of how then do you take that family mission statement or those family intentions, choose a space in your house, and then create the intention for that space. And that's what we're going to be diving into tomorrow. So, I hope you're able to take this first action step, join me for tomorrow's video where we start diving into how do you do that for a specific space in your home. How do you set that intention? I would honestly love if you guys could send me your words. Some of your keywords for your family. I love to just hear what other families have to say. To know that I'm not on an island with some of these intentions that we set for our family, and just connect with you. I hope you're able to join me tomorrow as we dive into how to set the intention for a space and as always, if you found this helpful, I would love for you to share it and just get more people in our community here to see how we can create spaces differently, that we can create our own Lykke Havens in our home. I am so excited to chat with you more tomorrow. Have a great day! Enjoy this weather!


Lykke Haven Design is a full service, purpose-driven interior design firm serving clients in West Michigan. We work with clients from Ada, to Grand Rapids, to Holland (and the occasional out of state). Our mission is to create Intentional Interiors curated with a Meaningful Mission that Cultivate Connection. We do this through a process driven by Human-Centered Design. We would love to discuss your next project and how we can help.

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1 Comment

Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller
May 13, 2022

Loved today's video and the idea of an intention for each room. My family mission statement/words for my home (needs some further editing, but this is first thoughts) is

God is here

Enjoy nature


Home is safe/relaxing


Looking forward to tomorrow's video, thanks for the guidance.

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