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5 Interior Design Trends for 2022 & How to Bring Them Home

I love to understand what the current design trends are and where they are headed. It helps in developing spaces that are both timeless and current. However, it can be difficult to understand how to bring in trends without creating a home that is too trendy and needs to be re-designed every 2 years - now that gets expensive! But we also don't want our homes to be stuck wearing last decade's mom jeans.

I recently had a video training on the top 5 interior design trends with action steps on how you can purposefully, bring them into your home. Please check it out HERE! In addition to the video, I wanted to write this blog on the topic to give more context and also give a visual representations of the trends.

My hope is that you find these top 5 design trends refreshing and that you are able to purposefully bring in the trends that you love most. To give your home a little freshening up! Because a little change of our environment creates new perspective and new life. And, let's be honest, because it is just plain fun!


Trend 1: Color Palette Refresh

In a culture surrounded by the white kitchen, I am so excited for this new trend to continue and overcome. (True confession: I have a white kitchen that I used to love...looking forward for a refresh soon!) The new trend that is here to stay for awhile is refreshing the once white and cool colored color palette, into a more moody choice or you can go on the other side of the spectrum and love the bold & bright color palette that is also emerging. The moody color palette is full of rich, dark, muted colors such a blacks, deep greens & blues, and also your warm neutrals. This color palette brings a sense of closeness and cozy to your home. Opposite this color palette, is the other refresh of bold & bright colors "popping" their way into our homes. Colorful textiles in the form of pillows and accent chairs can be paired with an intriguing piece of bold art. Want to bring the fun and energy into your home? Bring this color palette refresh to life!

Shopping for accessories to fill out the room
Photo Credit: McGee & Co (
Choose a room in your home and refresh your color palette. Do you like the Moody Palette? Try painting the trim and door within a room and adding interest by also taking it to the ceiling. Are you feeling the Bold & Bright Palette? Update your pillows and accessories for a pop of brightness.

Trend 2: Keeping it Curvy

The trend of furniture with a soft curve is here to stay at least another year or more. The curve is also extending into the architecture as well with archways and arched windows. The curved feature of furniture, case goods (like bookcases), and architectural features brings a soft, calming flow to your home. It is like it is saying, "Hey, you don't have to fit into a box to fit in here. Let's roll with who you are!" As you sit in a curved chair, you are being hugged by your furniture creating a sense of safety, a sense of nurturing femineity. With the ups and downs the past couple years, we could all use some nurturing flow!

Photo Credit: Designer: Sver Studio Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy

Update your accent chairs with a curved version and give all your guests a "hug" as they sit and chat awhile in your living room

Trend 3: Layers of Texture & Interest

Where to begin with this trend? There are so many fun and intriguing aspects to layers, but is all about keeping a space interesting and less monotone. As the supply chain continues to be strained and society yearns to find roots again, you will start to see more vintage finds in homes that are layered with new design elements. You will also see a mixing of design styles with more global influence. It is the layering of all the stories that are told through this trend that makes this one so very interesting and unique. Anyone bringing this trend into their home will be telling it in their own way and making it personal to them - no home will bring this trend in the same way. In this trend you will also see a layering of textures from the furnishings to the walls to the ceilings. For furnishings, the tufted leather sofa is coming back and mixing it with different layers of textures in the pillows, blankets, and rugs. For the walls, wallpaper is trending with a refreshing sense of style and even texture by pulling in velvet. Beyond wallpaper, textured plaster is making a comeback as well as beautiful and unique trim or millwork. And we can't forget the ceilings, creating the layers with beams or bringing in a vintage layer through trim or moldings. This trend covers all aspects of your home and has so many ways that it can be brought in to tell your story!

Photo Credit: The Turquoise Home (

The best place to try a trendy refresh in your home is the half bath. Let's layer in this trend with a textured ceiling, a funky wallpaper, a moody accent molding on the lower 2/3rds of the wall, and finally find a vintage vanity.

Trend 4: Local, Sustainable, & Organic

This trend gives me all the feels of true comfort. Also being a result of supply chain and the ups & downs over the past couple years, this trend finds people yearning to buy more local products to create more identity into the small-town feelings. I mean who doesn't love to stumble across a local shop and bring something home that is both unique and brings a bigger sense of community? Beyond, shopping local, you find consumers yearning to buy from companies with a purpose, a mission. They want to know that where they shop is making a difference in the world and not just for consumerism-sake. This is why you see an increase in sustainable materials and products. There is also exponential growth in Biophilic Design which is the design practice of connecting people and nature within our building environments. This is more than being a plant mama, but it is designing rooms with more light through skylights, bringing in plant walls, opening up the indoor space to the outdoor space easily through sliding window walls, and creating more thoughtful outdoor environments for our enjoyment. This trend is all about creating a more meaningful connection with your space and what you bring into it!

Photo Credit: Chad Mellon (

Head to your favorite vintage market and go on a hunt for a piece to bring home. There is a special beauty in a vintage china cabinet refreshed into a new bookcase. Revitalize it with a moody dark green paint, a textured reeded insert, and fresh hardware.

Trend 5: Well Design

I have saved my favorite trend for last! This trend brings in some elements of the 4th trend, but brings it even further. The basis for Well Design is first understanding that our environment, our home, has a connection to and influences our health, productivity, and overall mental state. Then, second, after understanding this connection, bringing in elements into our homes that support us. It is creating calming, or Zen-like atmospheres in our home through the design or even the creation of meditation rooms. It is creating multi-functional spaces that support what you need in your home. For example, making an office that transforms into a guest room or adding a library to your dining room. Do you enjoy a daily smoothie, create a smoothie station just like how the coffee corner became popular. This trend, also brings in Biophilic Design as nature, in itself, produces healing and wellness. So you will find an increase in outdoor living and creating beautiful outdoor rooms not just a patio or deck, but the creation of a room that is outdoors. Does your home support your wellness? If you take nothing else from these trends, please understand how much your environment truly affects you and that your space matters - how are you going to bring more life into it?

Photo Credit: The Adore Magazine (

Take some treetop time and assess your home, what would help bring more wellness into your home? Short term project? Long term project? Find your Zen! Maybe since it is summer, what is a simple thing you can do to create a more welcoming outdoor space? Get some furniture, add a rug, vertical plant garden wall, or lights; create a cozy place to gather with friends and make it a memorable summer.

I hope that you have found these trends inspiring and the "Bring it Home" tips helpful when implementing the trends in a purposeful way into your own home. I know I enjoyed researching and creating a more thoughtful approach into action steps that wouldn't overwhelm your home with trends. What was your favorite trend? I would love to read your favorite in the comments below! If you want even more creative tips for your home, please check out other training videos.

As always, please share this with someone you know that is yearning for a little refresh in their own home. And, if you still find these trends daunting, but would like to breath more life into your home, I would love to meet you! Click below to get the conversation started.


Lykke Haven Design is a full service interior design firm serving clients in West Michigan. We work with clients from Ada, to Grand Rapids, to Holland (and the occasional out of state). Our mission is to create Intentional Interiors curated with a Meaningful Mission that Cultivate Connection. We do this through a process driven by Human-Centered Design. We would love to discuss your next project and how we can help.

Please check out our services to learn more!


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