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Vol. 3 {Sisters Collective: The Fun Stuff}

Ok, this was a blog I was ESTATIC to write! The best part of design for me is having such creative freedom in kid rooms. When designing kid rooms, there are less formal boundaries and more open space for a boundless imagination! So let's get on with the FUN stuff...

Remember our equation for creating a successful kid's room from Vol. 2 of this blog series? The key to any great kid's room all comes down to remembering a simple equation:

Functionality + Fun = F^2 = Successful Kid's Room

In the last blog we went through all the really innovative ways to creatively add functionality to our kid's bedroom. It was good, but it definitely isn't as fun. A kid's favorite part is always the FUN part of the F^2 equation. It is the part of the equation that wipes away the bounds on their imagination. It is the part that inspires their creativity and their journey to finding who they are. It is such a beautiful part of bringing a room to life for this unique & wonderful soul!

I could go on and on about the importance of a kid's bedroom, but we will save that for another day and have you, instead, check out my TOP 10 for how I created the FUN in the Sisters Collective! Be inspired by the images & be reminded of your child-like self as you read your favorite ones.

1: Lego Board

Lego - a small block that builds the biggest & wildest imaginations! For hours and hours these girls would spend time in their Lego room (yes, we have a whole room dedicated to Lego!) designing, building, tearing down, role playing, building again.... It is a world that they are able to spend time in alone, build bonds with their sisters, or even actually invite us, the adults, into. Lego had to inspire a part of the Sisters Collective. Instead of a corkboard or whiteboard behind the desk, I designed a Lego board and filled a drawer with so many Lego Dots to inspire them to make their own creations on their board. Then to attach objects to the board, I glued on Lego bricks to the backs so that the items could move around and transform to something new staying true to Lego. The Lego Board brings a new creative medium to the space for each girl to grow her skills. Who knows maybe they will become the next Lego Masters!

Lego board behind desk in kid's room

2: Book Themed Pillows

My favorite FUN item to bring into a kid's room is an inspired element from their favorite book. For the Sisters Collective, the bookshelf at the foot of their beds held brand new copies of their favorite book series, and their beds were adorned with a beautiful book-inspired pillow. It is in books that children are transported to new worlds and are able to discover a little bit more of who they are. Books have the ability to inspire a greatness in our children. By surrounding their space by a book they love, they feel a sense of connection and belonging. While they read the book again they become a bigger part of the story, which then inspires them to read more books.

"The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you will GO."

-Dr. Seuss

3: FUN-ky Lights

This next room addition was one of those things that was both the easiest and kid-labeled "fun-est!" Instead of your same old light bulb by their beds, I added an LED bulb that could change into any color of the rainbow. As a bonus, it had party mode where it would cycle through the colors; turning an ordinary room into a DANCE PARTY (when paired with the "Sparkle Party" playlist)! Designing a room for kids is anything but boring, but it also doesn't have to be the loud on the outside, character-driven room either. There is a beautiful balance that can be found!

Bedside light with LED color changing bulb

4: Unique Accessories

When pairing two sisters, a room has to be both theirs together AND uniquely theirs separate. This can be a challenge when one sister loves anything and everything muted in color and the other sister? Well, she loves anything and everything bright in color. Of course! Since I designed this space with two separate loft areas and a common area, each girl has a space to call their own and a space to call "ours". Each girl was able to select accessories that were uniquely theirs for their desk and shelving area. It gave them ownership of their space. The only criteria was that it had to match the overall white and purple vibe. I then paired their selections with common selections to create an overall room cohesiveness. Their accessories were the perfect blend of being a part of a family and being YOU-niquely them!

5: Creative Desk Chairs

I was stopped in my scrolling tracks when I saw this beauty! This chair speaks for itself for why it had to be included in this girls' bedroom design. All I am going to say is, desk chairs shouldn't be boring!

Bright watercolor Anthropologie desk chair

6: The Creative Corner

For gifts to grow, you need to make space and cultivate the growth. Having a space for creativity to take root and grow was the most important criteria for the Sisters Collective. In the floor plan development stage, I made sure to save an open space for that growth to happen. It was a space filled with all the things they loved to be creative in - one sister loves all things music (this girl sings non-stop!) and one sister loves to create with her hands (from painting to sketching to crafting!). The Creative Corner also had cabinets that extended into the attic space which allowed plenty of storage space for each gift.

7: Acrylic Pour Personal Art

There is nothing better than adding to a design something that you actually create. So much heart and unspoken beauty goes into the piece. I created the main art piece in the room with the two girls. Together we created an awe-inspiring acrylic pour painting. This piece was beyond perfect for the room.

Teal, purple, and white acrylic pour with gold flecks

8: The Hang Out

As kids grow, they need less space for floor play and more space to hang out with friends. The Sisters Collective was designed for an 8 and 10 year old. Even though they aren't in the tween and teen years yet, this room was designed to grow with them. The Hang Out allows for them to curl up with a good book, play games together, hang out with friends, or even do homework (ok, that last one was maybe just a parent's dream...). It is a place where they can escape from the noise of the world (or other sisters) and just be!

Girl's bedroom hang out area with couch and pod chairs

9: The Gallery

As you come into the space that is the Sisters Collective, you pass through a hallway before actually getting to the room. This hallway made for the perfect gallery. It sounds so fancy and I love it! The Gallery is a place where the girls are able to be encouraged and to inspire others with their own creations. On the brick wall, there is a wonderful quote from JJ Heller, the girls' favorite artist. Then on the opposite wall hangs frames ready to display their imaginations. In fact this is such a fun part of the space, that we are going to grow it with more displays of art this summer. The girls have curated more pieces for The Gallery so we will be expanding. There is nothing like the look in a kid's eyes when they proudly see their art, their imagination, displayed for all those to be invited in.

10: Bookshelf Art Piece

I know, I know, you are saying, "Hey, this was on the last blog as a functional piece..." Yes it was, but when you can create a piece that is both functional and fun - well that is a beautiful culmination of FUNctional! (insert husband eyeroll here) This bookshelf definitely adds a playfulness to the space while also bringing in worlds to explore through so. many. books! There is no better explanation than this:

"A room without books is like a body without a soul"


Creative semi-circle box bookshelf in girl's bedroom

Which Fun Design Element was Your Favorite?

Once again, thank you so much for continuing this adventure with me through the story of the fun I was able to design into the Sisters Collective. So, which fun element did you like best? I would love to read your favorite in the comments below!

I hope this post has inspired you to look at your own kids' rooms differently. Also, I would truly appreciate it if you shared this story with other mamas by clicking the share icon in the video or emailing it to your friends. You wouldn't want to keep the secret equation to a successful kid's room all to yourself, right?!

Functionality + Fun = F^2

If you read Vol. 1 of the Sisters Collective story then you know it is so near and dear to my heart! It is a space where my own girls get to create, explore, and giggle. It is a place they get to call their own, a place where they rest their heads, and a place to grow their hearts & who they are. It is a place full of fun, and is (in my opinion & our girls') "THE BEST ROOM EVER!"

If you didn't catch Vol. 1 or Vol 2 of this story, click below. Make sure not to miss my next blogs as I continue to dive a little deeper into why kid's rooms matter and how you can create your own Kids Collective:

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Can't wait to continue our story and our adventure together! Until next time...

- Becky


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