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How to Create a Home of Intention, Mission, and Connection

Let’s all take a second and close our eyes…I know we just met, but trust me! Well, maybe read this first and then close your eyes to truly visualize the following scenario.

You have had one of those days, the kids have been fighting all day, it’s rainy and cold outside, everywhere you look there is another mess to clean, you haven’t even gotten to #1 on your to-do list, you took a sip of cold coffee, and you can’t even remember the last time you peed by yourself. You just came home after a much-needed grocery run, you walk into your home, and take notice of how it feels to be in this space. It feels Heavy. Dark. Cluttered. Not Yours. Burdensome. You walk into your home and instead of being the mom you yearn to be, you plop yourself on the couch, dread putting away the groceries, and can’t seem to shake the funk you are in.

Have you been there? I know I have.

Now imagine the same day, but this time you come home and notice different feelings in your space. It feels Light. Like a Breath of Fresh Air. Tidy. Warm. Inviting. Belonging. As you walk in you are giving life, you feel productive in this space as you put away your groceries and settle in to playing a game with your kiddos. The sound of giggles pulls you into the moment and you are filled with joy – this is your haven away from the crazy day!

Now the question is, have you been here? I have and I want you to get here too.

I want to help you see that your home is more than a mortgage payment, more than a roof over your head, more than the pillows and paint inside. It is a place, a refuge away from the world where you can have joy fully and continuously - a Lykke Haven. It can be lifegiving if you design it with intention, meaning, and connection!

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Create a Home of Intention

There is a tradition out there where you pick a word to be your intention for the year. I love to do this to focus and ground me for the year to come. But have you ever done this for your home or a specific room? One of the first things I ask clients is what is your family’s mission statement, what are your goals, who is your family and what is important to you? This helps create those words for your home and then we dive deeper into the specific rooms, understanding how they each individually support your family. Each room is unique, but they each support one family. For example, I had a client who loved to travel. They have been on many vacations as a family and it was important for them to keep traveling. The main intentions for their living room were adventure and worldly. These intentions then guide the design of the room. The result was a room that highlighted pictures from their adventures so they could easily reminisce and share with others. The furniture selections also brought a worldly touch so they could be immersed in new parts of the globe. By setting intentions for your home, you are able to create feelings of

Warmth. Belonging. Breath.

Transitional Living Room Gallery Wall of pictures from family travel

Create a Home of Mission

We are all blessed with a bigger purpose in this life; one that goes beyond just us and reaches out into the world. To do good and care for others in some way. My favorite thing to do as a designer is to help families feel into their purpose by connecting them with a non-profit that aligns to a mission they are passionate about. Then we bring that mission into their homes, giving it purpose and meaning. Are you passionate about welcoming refugees? I would love to connect you to the local non-profit Treetops Collective. We can bring this meaningful mission into your space through a recipe book with family recipes from around the world or through beautiful pillows and art that could breathe purpose into a living room. By bringing a mission into your home, you are able to create feelings of

Purpose. Deep Meaning. Community.

Designer carrying a non-profit canvas bag, Bible coffee table book, and a frame with a non-profit logo

Create a Home of Connection

Our homes are meant to be places to invite others in, to grow as a family, to develop deep relationships (including with yourself – away from the kids!). To ensure these connections are cultivated, I pull in my product development engineering skills and use Human Centered Design. This design process centers around my client and their family. We start with an empathy exercise (yes, it always feels odd, but the information proves valuable each time!). During this exercise, I have my client record a typical day in the space. If we are working on a kitchen, I would have you video record an evening where you cook a family-favorite meal. I am able to watch how you move in the space. Do kids come running through mid-meal prep? Are your go to appliances in easy-to-reach places? Then I also have you take a day where you write down all your thoughts and feelings about the space throughout the day. This captures things like: “It just seems to be too dark in here for me to read the recipe” “Oh no, surprise visitors and this kitchen is a mess!” “Why is everyone in the kitchen while I am cooking?” “Ugh, a crayon fell in the sink again” “Now, where did I put the pen? I need to write something down on the grocery list” “I love that I can watch my kids play while I cook SO. MANY. MEALS!” By understanding how the space is used and the feelings around the use through empathy exercises, you are able to ensure that the design that is developed for a new kitchen is a place where connections freely flow (and crayons no longer fall into the sink!) It is through these connections, you are able to create feelings of

Invitation. Belonging. Relationship.

Mom and son in kitchen enjoying life and laughing together

So, let’s bring you back to that hard day (sorry to be a downer, but we are going there again…). How does your home feel to you? Does it support you? Does it evoke the feelings you want it to? Is there intention, meaning, and connection? Most importantly, does it breathe lightness and life into you? If not, don’t you deserve that? I’ll save you from the decision fatigue –

Yes you deserve nothing less, mama!

Start changing your day today, write down your intentions for your home and feel your spirit already start to lift!


Lykke Haven Design is a full service, purpose-driven interior design firm serving clients in West Michigan. We work with clients from Ada, to Grand Rapids, to Holland (and the occasional out of state). Our mission is to create Intentional Interiors curated with a Meaningful Mission that Cultivate Connection. We do this through a process driven by Human-Centered Design. We would love to discuss your next project and how we can help.

Please check out our services to learn more!

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