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Decorate for Christmas Like a Ninja: Part 2 - Turning Your Thanksgiving Décor to Christmas Quickly!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Last month you secretly started your Christmas decorating without your Thanksgiving guests (or husband) knowing. Now it is time to turn those Thanksgiving decorations into your Christmas haven in just a few minutes! Which leaves you time to truly enjoy the season. As I said in the last blog, because you started early, you are now able to be present enough to see those magical sparks in your kids’ eyes as you bake Christmas cookies together.

Tip 1: Find a Multi-Purpose Wreath

Remember that multi-purpose wreath you added to your door? To get it ready for Christmas, simply remove your fall inspired addition and add a fresh evergreen wreath or holiday spring. Then flip the plaque to read "Peace on Earth". Transformation to a welcoming Christmas front door complete in under 5 minutes!

Fresh evergreen Christmas wreath on the front door overlaying the Candace Cameron Bure Geometric Wreath

(not an affiliate link, just want to share my favorite wreath: Candace Cameron Bure Geometric Wreath)

Tip 2: A New Twist on Christmas Garland

This is by far my favorite ninja move! Having your Christmas garland already up before Thanksgiving is the biggest timesaver. To transform from Thanksgiving to Christmas, easily remove the fall garland that is overlaid on your Christmas garland and change the pumpkins to a poinsettia. Your Christmas stairway is ready for those excited kids to run down in only a couple minutes - fill the time you would have spent putting up Christmas garland with cuddles while watching a family Christmas movie. (It seriously saves you that much extra time!)

Natural Christmas garland with pinecones, twigs, red berries, and magnolia leaves hanging on stairway. White ribbon hold to banister and there is a wood lantern and poinsettia at the bottom

Tip 3: Cozy on up with Pillows

There is nothing better than a cozy corner to enjoy a fire and hot cocoa. Quickly transform your couch from leaf and football watching to snow and Christmas movie watching in no time! Keep your neutral pillows in place, and just change out your fall-colored pillows. If you happened to use a red pillow for your Thanksgiving design, keep that as part of your Christmas design too, making it less pillows to buy or change out. Pair your pillows with a hand knit wool blanket for the ultimate curl-up corner!

Christmas pillow in a cozy corner couch with a hand knit wool blanket.

Tip 4: An Easy Transforming Table


Christmas table setting with table runner, Christmas garland, and 5 black iron candles for a family advent.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget to Involve the Kids!

It is now time to transform one more area of your home - the kids space. Keep their space festive with their homemade paper garland, but it is time to make those leaves fall and replace with snowflakes. The great thing about snowflakes, is that they are also able to be another fun craft for the kids to make. We will usually go through a Costco size package of coffee filters before the end of winter! They hang in our homeschooling room, they hang in our dining room, and they overtake almost every window in our house - and I absolutely love it! This tip once again, not only transforms your space in a couple minutes, but also involves the kids with an activity to do together (maybe while listening to some Alvin and the Chipmunks, a favorite for our kids!) Walk into your newly updated space and be instantly surrounded by softly falling snow while staying warm.

Kids Christmas room with red paper garland and snowflakes

I hope that you were able to find some great tips in getting your home ready for Christmas in just minutes by transforming your Thanksgiving décor! Now allow yourself the time to relax and be present this Christmas season. You deserve it mama!

Want more creative tips for your home? I would love to meet you! Click below to get the conversation started.

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